Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lake Charlevoix 2011

Jason's family went camping yearly while he was growing up.  Once we began dating, I was invited on the annual trip as well.  While the Kepsel family visited various state parks over the years, we now keep returning to Young State Park in Boyne City, MI.  I remember being in awe the first visit with the beauty of this part of the northern lower peninsula.  While my family traveled in and out of state growing up (sleeping in our van at KOA's :) ), we never visited this part of our state.  

For our one year anniversary, Jason and I traveled to Boyne alone and rented a condo in town.  We rode our bikes to Young almost every day to enjoy the beach and lake, but it certainly wasn't the same experience as camping.

For the past three years, my family has joined the trip as well, making for a rather large, but fun, experience all around!  :)

This year's trip was Connor's first of many...  We made MANY memories with his first touch of sand, eating ice cream for the first time, eating his first vegetable (squash), feeding the ducks (kind of), swinging for the first time, and just having him breathe "Pure Michigan" air.  :)  

Oh, and my older brother, Jeff, proposed to his girlfriend, Linda!

Here are some photos from our wonderful trip!  (There were TOO many pics to post them all...)

Eating ice cream for the first time!
Look at him holding with two hands, NOT wanting to let it go!  
A true son of mine...  ;)

     My future Aunt Linda!  :)

I turned 6 months old on the trip!

Eating squash for the very first time!  My tummy is getting all sorts of treats up here...  :)


The happy, newly engaged couple!

I think I'm going to like this vacationing each year... :)

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