Saturday, July 23, 2011

A new adventure...solid food!!!

We decided it couldn't be put off any longer.  Connor's constant looks of curiosity at the dinner table and his reaching for our food showed his interest and we got the, "OK," from our pediatrician as well.  We're embarking on the new chapter of solid foods...

This exciting adventure began yesterday, July 22nd.  We have decided to go with single-grain oatmeal.  We'll keep this up for a few days and then add a vegetable of some kind to the daily routine.  Connor is receiving a tablespoon of cereal mixed with formula or breast milk twice a day.

Let's just say that we didn't appear to be feeding him fast enough!  He's so used to getting a consistent flow of food from the bottle, that this was just not happening from the spoon.  Needless to say, we thickened the cereal a little today to give him something to actually EAT than just inhale and swallow.  It went much smoother!  :)

Stay tuned for the VERY first attempt caught on video.  We're having some technical difficulty converting our video files over to be compatible with our computer.  For now, here are some shots of the second feeding of the day...

Hmmmm... What could this be???

This isn't bad, Dad!

Keep it coming!

Here, let me help you!

Make sure you get it all in!

All done!


  1. So fricken cute...can't wait for Kylie to start eating solid foods. Then who knows, maybe Connor and her will play tee ball together! God knows Kailyn is a girly girl! Connor needs to teach Kylie the, teeball, golf, and swimming! Cmon Connor!

  2. Dan, that would be awesome if they wound up playing all sorts of sports together! It's definitely possible with their close birthdays. :)